Agarwood chips Extract from the Aquilaria Agallocha, Our High Grade Agarwood Chips Assam contain spicy smell that may left you hypnotized. Agarwood Chips and Flakes square measure achieved from massive block of Agarwood. Finest Agarwood Chips square measure separated from the block by a pointy Iron Rod. to acquire quality Agarwood Chips, we have a tendency to extract 10-20% from an oversized block and therefore the rest is employed for oil distillation. we have a tendency to square measure able to meet bulk orders for holy occasions and functions. Consequently, we have a tendency to square measure recognized together of the distinguished Holy Agarwood Exporters and Suppliers within the country.

  • Agarwood Chips High Grade
  • Agarwood Chips AAA
  • Agarwood Chips AA
  • Agarwood Chips A
  • Agarwood Chips B
  • Agarwood Chips C
  • All 100% Natural Products.

We can supply Agarwood (OUD) Chips in small Packing 10gm,50gm,100gm,250gm,500gm,1kg ,5kg & Bulk quantity.


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