We offer premium Floral Absolute Oils for numerous & cosmetic applications. we tend to maintain superior internal control vigilance throughout the method to make sure purity & naturalness of our floral absolute oils.

  • Amber Absolute 
  • Ambrette Seed Absolute
  • Angelica Root Absolte
  • Broom Absolute
  • Blue Lotus Absolute
  • Calendula Absolute
  • Gardenia Absolute
  • Jasmine Sambac Absolute
  • Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
  • Kewra Absolute
  • Orris Absolute
  • Violet Absolute
  • Myrrh Absolute
  • Tuberose Absolute
  • Rose Otto Absolute
  • Osmanthus Absolute
  • Mimosa Absolute
  • Narcissus Absolute
  • White Lotus Absolute
  • Pink Lotus Absolute
  • Blue Lotus Absolute
  • Champaka Absolute
  • Carration Absolute 
  • Hops Absolute
  • Honeysuckle Absolute
  • Mogra Absolute
  • Frangipani Absolute​


We can supply Absolute Oil in small bottles of different dimensions like, 5ml, 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 500ml,1Kg,5Kg etc. Also we can supply the essential oils in bulk packaging like, Aluminum Bottles, Drums, GI Drums of various dimensions.


Floral Absolute Oil Images

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